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God’s True Children

Who are God’s true children? Who are God’s true children? Who are God’s true children? All who believe. Who will believe in God’s Son, Who will believe in God’s Son, Who will believe in God’s Son, Unless they have heard? … Continue reading

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Where Are You Gonna Strike Your Match?

Where are you gonna strike your match? Where are you gonna strike your match? Will you strike it in the warmth of a well lighted church Or take it to the cold and dark outside? If you light your candle … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Walk on the Water

Don’t try to walk on the water (3x) Till you walk by faith on land. Don’t try to move any mountains (3x) Till you move by God’s heartbeat. Don’t try to preach any sermons (3x) Till your life tells God’s … Continue reading

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Righteous Livin’

When I’m driving up a steep hill, Sometimes I think my car won’t make it. But when it comes to righteous livin’, God gives me all the power I need. When I’m trying to move the sofa, Sometimes I find … Continue reading

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How Happy Are Those

How happy are those, Yes, how happy are those, So happy are those Who belong to the Family of God. So happy they’ll be, Yes, how happy they’ll be, So happy they’ll be When they meet their Father in heaven. … Continue reading

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Come Walk with Me

“Come walk  with me,” said Jesus Christ. I stepped up to His side. We shared our thoughts and feelings As we went along our way. “Don’t be discouraged,” Jesus said, “When the path veers out of sight, For every step … Continue reading

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The Fish Song

If you want to catch a fish, Then you must go where the fishes swim, Where the fishes swim. You can’t sit in the bathtub, A pole across your knees. Go where they swim if you want to catch a … Continue reading

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Life is the toughest of races; We are not done till we breathe our last. But if Christ is living within us, Our victory is assured. God declares us all winners When we follow His way to the end. He … Continue reading

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Because He First Loved Me

God wants me to love Him with all my heart, And He wants me to love Him with all my mind. God wants me to love Him with all my strength; Yes, He wants me to love Him with all … Continue reading

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Adding Up Fractions

Adding up fractions to total their sum Requires finding their common denominator. So growing a whole church from people like us Takes our faith and our love and our common vision. If you want to add two-fourths and five-tenths, You … Continue reading

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