Lead Sheets

See list of available lead sheets.

Q: What is a lead sheet?

A: A lead sheet is the basic notation of a song–lyrics, notes, and chords. It’s usually one page.

Q: Why are you giving them away?

A: God gave these songs to me. I’ve used them on mission trips to England, Wales, Australia, Romania, and Nicaragua. I’ve also used them in prisons, migrant camps, special church programs, nursing homes, and a number of other places. But by giving them away, I hope some of them will touch people I’ll never meet.

Q: Do you have lead sheets for all of your songs?

How I wish! I use Personal Composer software to notate my songs, but many of them go back to the time I was using different software. I periodically enter an older song in Personal Composer, but some songs (e.g., the instrumentals at the Listen page on my website and songs from The Identity of Divinity and Song of Plenty) are too complex to bother with. If you want something that’s not on my list, though, feel free to use Contact Me on my website to make a request.

Q: How often do you update the list of lead sheets?

A: As often as possible. When I finish a new song, I’m apt to put it up immediately. Otherwise, I’m working my way through the songs I already have in Personal Composer. Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing many songs since becoming a novelist.

Q: Why don’t you put a copyright sign on your lead sheets?

I don’t want people to feel they’re not free to use these songs. Even commercially.  I would hope a Christian artist would respect my rights and at least give me proper credit.

Q: What if somebody steals one of your songs?

Hmm. I suppose it ought to upset me–and it might. But at least I’d have the satisfaction of knowing that song would still have the opportunity to reach people I’d never have a chance to reach otherwise.

Q: Can I listen to some of these songs?

A: Absolutely! Go to my website and hover over the Listen tab.  You’ll an option for songs I’ve sung at a local nursing home–with just my guitar. Another contains songs I’ve recorded in my home studio using additional voices and instruments. Yet another is of songs from Song of Plenty, a musical drama I wrote in the early 1970s, a live cast recording. Last but not least is the live cast recording of a rock opera I wrote in the early 1970s, also. But you can also go to a page that allows you to see video recordings of some of my songs.

See list of available lead sheets.


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