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Listen for the Still, Small Voice

[You may find a free PDF lead sheet of this song here. No recordings are available.] If you have come to hear me sing With a beautiful voice, Then I’m afraid you may be a bit disappointed, For this is … Continue reading

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No Song Is Unworthy

My wife, Kathleen, is singing this song with me here. No song is unworthy to be sung to the Lord If God lives within you, making your life sing for Him. Sing for Him, sing for Him, sing for Him. … Continue reading

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A Witness Between Us

Sing to the Lord; let’s make up a new song. Sing to the Lord; let’s make up a new song. Sing to the Lord; let’s make up a new song As a witness between us that He is our God. … Continue reading

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As I Come Singing

As I come singing, I sing to praise the Lord; With a song in my heart, I come to proclaim God’s Word, To proclaim God’s Word. La, la la la la. The melody may seem compelling as the rhythm moves … Continue reading

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