About this Blog

You may never have heard of me. Not as a singer, guitarist, or songwriter, anyhow.

I started playing guitar as a junior in high school and wrote my first Christian song as a senior. Since then, I’ve written 200 songs, several musical dramas, and a rock opera called The Identity of Divinity.

That makes almost fifty years of writing and singing whenever and wherever I had the opportunity to share my faith in song. Venues have included prisons, migrant camps, banquets, youth and other retreats, nursing homes, and short term mission trips to Australia, England, Wales, and Romania.

I’ve even done solos in my own church and concerts in other churches.

None of my compositions has ever been published or recorded by anyone else. (Not that I know of, anyhow.) So at least no one who hears me can say, “Well, so-and-so sings that one better.”

Many of my songs are based on Scripture. I often compare different translations of the Bible in order to come up with my own “Bruner translation” for a particular song.

I believe lyrics are the most important part of a song. The music is just the envelope the song writer has addressed to the listener, but the words are the “letter” inside. Without both, the message won’t “get there.”

I wouldn’t be satisfied having songs that just sound pretty or catchy or even “just interesting.” God has given me a message for each one, and that’s what counts the most.

That’s why I’ve created this blog. I want to share the lyrics of some of my songs with you, along with my thoughts about each one. You can find home recordings of several of them at my website, RogerBruner.com, at the Read/Listen tab.

My prayer is that–even without music–God will speak to you through these lyrics and draw you closer to Him.

Very important: If you’re a writer and want to quote any of these lyrics, please feel free. I want them to be used. Although there’s no charge, I would appreciate receiving proper credit.

And if you’re a singer and think one of these songs might be of interest to you musically, please use the Contact Me tab at RogerBruner.com to request a free PDF lead sheet–words, music, and chords. (NOTE: A few of the songs posted here may not be available this way.)

Best regards,
Roger E. Bruner


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