Servant of All, Lord of All

Jesus Christ was everything that God Himself was;
Yet He never insisted on having His own way.
He had every right of God Himself,
Yet He gave them up, He freely gave them up
To become the servant of us all.

Jesus could have stayed in heaven at His Father’s side,
Yet He never refused to do His Father’s will.
So He humbled Himself and became a man,
And such a life He lived and such a death He died
To become the servant of us all.

Jesus Christ is back in heaven at His Father’s side;
God raised Him from death and restored Him to life on high,
So when the name of Christ is heard,
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess
That Jesus lives as Lord of all.
Yes, Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

About This Song:
Although many of my songs have somewhat of a folk song feel–I learned to play guitar during the “folk fad” of the 1960s and never got that style of music out of my blood–this one comes closer to being country.

It’s also chock full of Scripture. Here are the most obvious verses:

Matthew 12:18. . .
“Behold! My Servant whom I have chosen, My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased! I will put My Spirit upon Him, And He will declare justice to the Gentiles.

Phillipians 2:8. . .
And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.

1 Timothy 3:16
And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:
God was manifested in the flesh,
Justified in the Spirit,
Seen by angels,
Preached among the Gentiles,
Believed on in the world,
Received up in glory.

Phillipians 2:11. . .
11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

If we needed further evidence of Jesus as Servant, we could look at the Lord’s Supper the night before His death, when he took a servant’s role and washed his disciples’ feet.

Would that all of Jesus’ followers were as willing to serve others as their Master did. What a difference that would make in this poor, hurting, sin-filled world of ours. Maybe the lost would be more willing to listen to us–and to accept God’s free gift of eternal life.

Confident in the knowledge that ultimately all will call Him “Lord.”

What about you? Is Jesus your Savior or simply an interesting historical figure? My prayer is that you will soon “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” if you don’t already.

Does this song speak to you in any particular way? If so, how about leaving a comment?


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About Roger E. Bruner

Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to write Christian fiction full-time. A guitarist and songwriter, he is active in his church choir, church praise team, and nursing home ministry. Roger also enjoys reading, web design, mission trips, photography, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kathleen. Roger has nine published novels. Four of them are the now-completed young adult Altered Hearts series. Three are quirky romantic novels (as opposed to genre romance novels). The Devil and Pastor Gus is a speculative satire, and Rosa No-Name is a contemporary coming-of-age novel.
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