Jonah’s Prayer

In my distress, O Lord, I turned to You;
Down in the world of the dead,
I called Your name.
In the depths of the deepest oceans,
Where the waves crashed over my head,
Lord, I feared You might not hear me,
But You quickly answered my cry.

Lord, I feared You might not hear me;
Lord, I feared You might not come.
But You rescued me from danger;
Let me walk close by Your side.

In my despair, O Lord, I turned to You;
Choked by seaweed that was wrapped around my face,
I could barely call Your name.
At the roots of the very mountains,
Where I felt my life slipping away,
Lord, I feared You might not find me,
But You quickly came to my side.

Lord, I feared You might not find me;
Lord, I feared You might not hear.
But You rescued me from trouble;
Let me walk close by Your side.

About This Song:
When I open my Bible, only God knows what might inspire me to write a song. In this case, I had been reading about Jonah’s adventure in the belly of the whale; you’re free to believe this story is only purposeful fiction, but I believe it’s true. Jonah’s prayer, found in Jonah 2:2-9, really struck me. As human beings, only a handful of people will ever encounter what Jonah did–maybe only Jonah himself.

But each of us has problems that seem so overwhelming we FEEL like we’re trying to survive underwater inside a giant fish. I’m jealous of Jonah. Even in the most desperate of imaginable situations, he remembered to turn to God for help. He had come to the end of his rope, otherwise.

How many of us, however, continue to grapple with the seaweed that’s choking us while trying to free ourselves from situations we have absolutely no control over?

Shouldn’t we turn to God for His help first? How about leaving a comment about sometime when you felt like your situation was hopeless, but you turned to God and He helped you through it.


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About Roger E. Bruner

Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to write Christian fiction full-time. A guitarist and songwriter, he is active in his church choir, church praise team, and nursing home ministry. Roger also enjoys reading, web design, mission trips, photography, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kathleen. Roger has nine published novels. Four of them are the now-completed young adult Altered Hearts series. Three are quirky romantic novels (as opposed to genre romance novels). The Devil and Pastor Gus is a speculative satire, and Rosa No-Name is a contemporary coming-of-age novel.
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