Wedding Song

What God joins together,
Man cannot separate.
What God’s love creates,
This world cannot harm.

When God gives light,
Where can there be darkness?
When God smiles in love upon us,
What can we do but love?

About This Song:
Of the nearly two hundred song lyrics I’ve presented on this blog, this one is the hardest to talk about. That’s why I’ve saved it almost to the end.

When I wrote “Wedding Song”  my first wife, I meant those words. Just as I meant the words of our wedding vows.

Jesus had some tough things to say about divorce. He considered it a sin except in the case of adultry. That was certainly not the case in my divorce.

It’s easy for Christians who are still married to their original spouses to speak harshly of those of us who are divorced.

But God forgives all kinds of sin. The cleansing that comes from God’s forgiveness is complete. Perfect. Eternal.

You may not be divorced, but you may be guilty of something you know God considers sinful. Something that feels huge–too big for God to forgive.

No sin is that big, however. All we have to do is repent and ask God’s forgiveness.

I don’t have a PDF lead sheet for this song . But you may check the archives for other songs that might be similar in theme to this one.

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About Roger E. Bruner

Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to write Christian fiction full-time. A guitarist and songwriter, he is active in his church choir, church praise team, and nursing home ministry. Roger also enjoys reading, web design, mission trips, photography, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kathleen. Roger’s young adult novels, Found in Translation and Lost in Dreams, came out in 2011. The Devil and Pastor Gus just came out, and he has eight unpublished manuscripts.
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